Vojtech Hampl

IT Business analyst you need!

I will take care of the end to end process of proposal, design and implementation of your product.

About me

A former near-top cyclist who replaced time on the bike with work. A proud Moravian with an accent, a jokester, an amateur cook and baker, and last but not least, a person with a constant desire to advance himself and his work.

I graduated from MUNI, where I tried to work as a bar operator, operator of a franchise cafe with a typical delicacy - Trdelník, an assistant for auditors in an international company, to finally enroll in the subject of Software Engineering at FI MUNI, which appealed to me so much that I found a job as an IT analyst and since 2019 I have been doing this work with great enthusiasm.

Hit me up and I'll show it to you! :)

From requirements to design and commissioning development!

Collection of requirements

An important step on the way to a proper design and application. Without the collection of requirements, their registration and validation, the application cannot be successfully implemented.

Application design

Technical and graphic design of the application, without which the development would not have an assignment. From database design, through processes, services (REST, SOAP) to the application design itself.

Assignment for development

Presentation of the analysis as a step towards its approval by the client and subsequent assignment for development. Without the right tasks and Backlog, the application would not be created.

Collection of requirements

Collection of requirements from stakeholders, their categorization (Infra, Business, Architecture, Users and others) - always specific.

Wirefirames a design

Design of wireframes as a basic basis for graphic design, but also technical design (services, data, processes, etc.).

Technical design

Design of database, processes, web services and all this with development consultation for the highest possible optimization.

Approval and assignment

Approving, or revising comments on the analysis and subsequent assignment of tasks to the development and fulfillment of the backlog.


Feel free to write. We will discuss your requirements, what I am able to deliver and in what time frame.
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